About Dogs at Play

Leah Brown, owner of Dogs at Play Dog Daycare Eugene OregonDogs at Play celebrated 10 years of fun in 2013.

The three most common questions we are asked when people stop in to visit are:

Do you know all of the dogs' names? Of course we do.

Who is the Alpha Dog? I am. Leah Brown: former Veterinary Technician and Pet Sitter; currently, Dog Daycare Wrangler and Agility Instructor.

What kind of training do you provide? During daycare hours it’s all about basic house manners. After hours it’s Agility. At this time we aren’t offering new classes because all the “after hours” are filled up with current students.

We have an awesome crew of dog wranglers. Just like the dogs, we have a regular schedule so we know the dogs, and they know us. The playful pups are supervised at all times by three wranglers in the morning and two in the afternoon-when it's a bit quieter.

We’ve spent the last 10 years turning an old warehouse into dog paradise. We removed interior structures to make more room for racing about and resting. We knocked a hole in the front wall for the door to the second outdoor area. It’s perfect for the pool in the summer. We have dogs that have been coming to daycare since the first year we opened. They may not play as long and hard as they used to (who does?), but they are still excited to come and see old and new friends.

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