Puppy Play School

Do you have an older dog that has the skills to teach your puppy when they are playing appropriately? If a young dog only meets dogs that let them push them around they don't learn the social skills they need. Puppy Play School will expose them to all sizes and temperaments to help them become well rounded adults.

Socialization is an important part of puppyhood. Having a safe place to play and learn is equally as important. Dogs at Play is offering both. Puppy parents must attend orientation (without the furry one) before starting their puppy in school.

In order to participate, all puppies must: Play time will last an hour with a potty break in the middle. There will be at least one Dogs at Play Wrangler supervising; groups will be limited to 10 puppies. You will stay and learn what appropriate play looks like and how to make sure it stays safe and fun. If needed, we have the space to divide into different areas based on play style. We are going to start with Tuesday nights at 7pm and Saturday mornings at 11:30 am; the cost will be $15 per session.

Before your puppy can join the pack, you’ll need to fill out a little paperwork and endure a short orientation. We can do that before your first play session; the little one would need to wait in the car. Once we are done, the play can begin.

Call Leah at 541-344-3647 for more details
and to sign up for orientation and play time.