Fun & Food for your Pet

We don’t have a lot of space for retail, but if you want it, we will do our best to get it.

Dog Food
There are tons of good foods out there. We can’t possibly stock all of the brands and varieties. What do we do? We custom order every couple of weeks so we have exactly what you want when you need it. The food is fresh and it helps keep our prices competitive. We can get all of the following brands in small bags or large, kibble or cans (by the case only): Blue Buffalo, Dave’s Pet Food, Fromm, Holistic Blend, Horizon, Masterfoods, Merrick, Natural Balance, Nutro N.C.-Max, Ultra, Precise, ProNature Holistics, Redbarn, Tuscan Natural, Wells Pet Food, Wild Calling and Ziwi Peak.

Dog Treats
We keep a variety of treats around chewy and crunchy, with or without grains. House favorites are Zukes (minis, baked, z-fillets & hip action), Cloud Star (buddy biscuits, wag more bark less, tricky trainers and dynamo dog). We also have Blue Buffalo, Merrick, Mother Nature, and Fromm treats.

Dog Toys
Interactive games are the best things to cure the winter blues (or grays in Oregon). When it’s cold and dark (or 110 degrees in the summer) your pup still needs some exercise. Mental stimulation is just as important as physical exercise. These are games you play with your dog. Some have treats, some balls and some squeaky creatures. You help your dog figure out how to solve the puzzle, then reload and do it again. We have Kyjen, Plush Puppies, Nina Ottosson and Dog Games Puzzle Toys.

Classic toys never go out of style. We have Zanies Berber Fleece squeakers, Go Dog dinosaurs with chew guard, High Viz toys that are easier to see, Rubber Chickens and a few Kongs.

Murphy demonstrates a fun interactive game

Necessitites & Accessories
What goes in, must come out. We have a variety of pickup bags and holders to meet your pick up needs.

We keep C.E.T. chews and toothpaste along with Grizzly Salmon oil and treats & Grizzly Pollock oil and Joint Treats on hand.

We stock Lupine and K9 Bytes collars and leashes. We can special order from Ruffwear.

Our distributors are always adding new things and we can certainly add new distributors. If you don’t see what you need, give us a call or stop in and we’ll see if we can find it.

We can order products for CATS, yes cats. Several came with the building and more keep showing up, so we take care of them all. Don’t worry, they can’t pass the new dog interview, so they aren’t allowed at daycare, but cats need stuff too!

Call today to schedule a new dog interview- 541-344-3647